Food Industry._

Do you know where your food comes from?

Transparency - the newest trend in the food industry._

Consumers, especially millennials, are demanding to know where their food comes from, how it is made, and what ingredients it contains

Consumers are looking for ingredients that they can trust and are excluding ingredients such as preservatives and artificial sweeteners

Consumers would like to know information about ingredients, but don’t have time to research or read tiny texts

Patented. Protected. Transparent._

With Research Block’s patent pending software, manufacturers can transparently document the manufacturing process from start to finish and easily share the information with consumers.

Benefits to Food Manufacturers._

Supply chains are hard to manage, but with Research Blocks, manufacturers get precise insight into all of their supply chain operations, ensuring only the finest ingredients are used. By monitoring your manufacturing operations, catch food safety violations early to mitigate and prevent product recalls.

The integrity and transparency of the system increases consumer confidence and improves your brand image.

Benefits to Consumers._

With the Research Blocks certification, consumers can track each ingredient in a product from farm to factory to shelf. No more worrying about complex ingredient names or researching food safety recalls.

Feel safe and confident eating the food you love, knowing it is safe and true to the label.

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