We help manufacturers and brands in various industries to gain consumer trust and to stay transparent.

Research Blocks’ proprietary software platform allows manufacturers to document and timestamp the manufacturing processes and transparently share those processes with consumers.

By utilizing the first scannable quality mark backed by blockchain technology, you can truly guarantee quality and be a trusted brand or manufacturer.

Why Choose Research Blocks._

Consumer Trust

With Research Blocks, gaining consumer trust becomes easy.


Research Blocks will help you keep up with the industry’s trend of being fully transparent.

State-of-the-Art Technology

You will always have the access to the most cutting edge technology with our R&D team

Continous Tracking

Monitoring and tracking your manufacturing process becomes easy and simple with Research Blocks.

Internal Auditing

With the blockchain backend, every step of the manufacturing process is timestamped and auditable.

Save Costs

Increase efficiency and save costs with our software. You will always find our software at a competitive price.

Our Technology._

Become Our Partner._

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